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Selleys Aquadhere Ė Kevin Farrell

Selleys Aquadhere

Selleys Aquadhere

Kevin found a broken old chair and decided to repair it. Someone has attempted to repair it with long screws, but the problem started much earlier, when the glue failed. The joints are basically good Ė theyíre mortice-and-tenon joints pinned with dowel.

The first step is to dismantle the chair and clean up the joints. Kevin then applied glue to the front leg assembly and clamped it to dry while he works on the rest of the chair. Itís important to use plenty of glue, working it well into the end-grain and deep into the mortices. Clean glue off with a damp cloth, and re-insert the dowel pins. Check to make sure the legs are in line with each other and square to the rail.

Once set, the whole chair can be reassembled in the same way. Once the glue had set, Kevin filled some gaps left from missing pieces of wood by using Selleys Plastibond. This is a polyester resin thatís ideal for the task, because it sets hard, sets quickly, and accepts colouring Ė so you can match it to the timber.

Once itís set, shape it with a chisel, plane and sandpaper.

Kevin finished the chair with wood oil, and itís ready for service again.

tip Kevís Tip: Colour the Plastibond filler slightly darker than the wood. It will lighten as it hardens.

Selleys products are available at all good hardware stores.




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