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CTM Tiles – Selecting a tile pattern – Faye de Lanty

CTM Tiles – Selecting a tile pattern – Faye de Lanty

CTM Tiles – Selecting a tile pattern – Faye de Lanty

CTM Tiles – Selecting a tile pattern – Faye de Lanty

CTM Tiles – Selecting a tile pattern – Faye de Lanty

Was it The Bard who said “How do I tile thee, let me count the ways”? I doubt it, but CTM has all the clues, so you can get the right one for your room.

Faye’s got it worked out. Just go to your local CTM Tile Centre, where many patterns for walls and floors are laid out for you to see and feel. In this way you can’t go wrong.

Focussing on floor tiles, the first step is to decide on the pattern because it will have some bearing on the tiles you can select from. The ideal way to know if the pattern will work is to lay them out as a dry run, or rehearsal, and see what effect the pattern has on your room.

A straight pattern draws your eye along the lines of tiles, and can give a short room the illusion of having more depth. A diamond, or diagonal, pattern is great for narrow rooms and hallways to make them look broader.

The chequered pattern is great for large spaces where no objects or items of furniture need to highlighted. It also works well in a plain bathroom or hallway.
Border tiles can give a room a “finished” look, as well as helping large spaces to appear more intimate. In irregular shaped rooms, borders can be set in from walls to create an even outline.

Centrepieces can be made from ordinary tiles, using cross or diamond patterns, and diagonally cut tiles.

While you’re at the CTM Tile Centre selecting patterns and tiles, you can also get all the tools and materials you need, including hire of any specialised tools.

If all you’ve ever done is straight and square tiling, CTM can open up a whole new world of design possibilities, and you can do it yourself!

tip Faye’s Tip:
Large tiles can help make a small space look and feel bigger.

Go to your nearest CTM Tile Centre.




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