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Dynabolts by Ramset – Kevin Farrell

Ramset Dynabolts – Kevin Farrell

Ramset Dynabolts – Kevin Farrell

Ramset Dynabolts – Kevin Farrell

Ramset Dynabolts – Kevin Farrell

Kevin reckons the dynabolt is one of the best inventions of the twentieth century, and he reminded us of a few Let’s Do It projects that have used Dynabolts (Shade sail, Gate, and Lattice fence). They’re extremely good at staying in place under very high loads.

To use them, the first step is to select the right drill bit for your Dynabolt. It’s hard to get this wrong, because the size is printed on the back of the pack.

Then drill the hole slightly deeper than the bolt, by say 5mm.

Clean the hole out thoroughly with the drill bit or air (wear safety glasses!), and then insert the bolt. Make sure everything is ready to go, because that bolt may not come out again – even without tightening.

Once you start tightening the bolt, it draws up into the sleeve, which expands in all directions to anchor the bolt permanently in the hole.

There are several types: The common type is designed for permanent fixtures, because when the item is removed a stud will be left proud of the surface, which will be a trip hazard unless driven in or cut off.

For removable items (like a basketball pole) use the flush head type. When removed, this hex-head Dynabolt leaves a neat, flush hole. There are also screw-head types for a flush, neat finish – great for fixing furniture to walls.

Kev reckons there are many ways to fix to masonry, but if you want strength the Dynabolt is the best way. And that’s the cleverest thing he’s ever heard! (Groucho would turn in his grave!)

Ramset products are available at all Mitre 10 and all other good hardware stores.




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