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Selleys Putty – Monte Dwyer

Selleys Putty – Monte Dwyer

Selleys Putty – Monte Dwyer

Selleys Putty – Monte Dwyer

Selleys Putty – Monte Dwyer

It happens from time to time, a ball through the window, and you have a weather and security problem. You can fix this yourself, and here’s how:

Step 1: Remove the glass by placing the sash on some newspaper, put on protective glasses and gloves, and remove the glass. Put aside the glazing pins if they are re-usable.

Step 2: Clean up the rebate and paint it with primer to prevent the wood from soaking up moisture from the putty, and to protect the wood from rot.

Step 3: Prepare the putty. The best for the job is Selleys Special Putty, because it is easy to work with, best for shaping into a bevel, and it’s easiest to replace next time a ball goes through the window. Warm up the putty in your hands, and work it into a snake shape.

Step 4: Lay the putty snake into the rebate and press it down to an even thickness. Lay the new glass into the putty, pressing it in carefully until it is evenly bedded. Push the glazing pins into the sash so that they hold the glass in tightly. Flip the sash over and trim off excess putty, so that you have a straight line to work to when applying the putty on the face side.

Step 5: Make a thicker snake this time, and press it into the rebate. Shape it with a putty knife and remove any excess. The window sash can now be reinstalled, but it can’t be painted until it has a hard skin (1 to 4 weeks).

Monte’s Tip: Be careful when you buy Special Putty, as there is a wood filling variety. It will also do the job, but it has a darker colouring, making it ideal for outdoor wood filling jobs.

Selleys products are available at all good hardware stores.




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