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Games Console – Faye de Lanty and Patrick Lang

Games Console

Games Console

Games Console

Games Console

TV games have come a long way, but controllers like steering wheels and foot pedals can be hard to keep where you want them. Patrick shows a simple way to manage the controllers that looks the part too.

The solution is to build a seat with an attached “dashboard” and floor that looks like a racing car. The steering wheel and pedals will be attached so they can’t escape, and the whole thing is made from little more than 12mm plywood. As far as tools go, a jigsaw, drill and paintbrush should do the trick.

Step 1: Mark out all the parts and cut from the plywood. It’s best if you make a template of the sides so they both are exactly the same. Kids will need supervision with this part.

Step 2: Assemble the body of the car with PVA glue and screws. Cut and screw the aluminium angle sections so the dashboard and pedal box slide freely. The pedal box will vary according to the brand of game controller. Paint the car with quick-drying paint (so you can play sooner).

Step 3: Attach the steering wheel with self-adhesive Velcro strips (to allow easy removal and adjustment) and make a Velcro strap to hold the pedals in (if necessary).

Step 4: Play!

Click here for a printable
diagram and parts list.




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