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Ryobi Veneer Trimming Kit – Monte Dwyer

Ryobi Veneer Trimming Kit

Ryobi Veneer Trimming Kit

Routers come in many sizes, but the small size and easy operation of the Ryobi Routing and Trimming Kit makes it the ideal choice for a multitude of projects.

You may have seen Monte trim a plastic-laminate bench top in a previous episode where it was perfect for trimming right into corners. Monte demonstrated that you can trim inside a cut out for a sink or stove by drilling a starter hole (try to be a little gentler than Monte!), then running the trimming cutter around the opening.

Apart from trimming plastic laminate, you can also make decorative mouldings on plaques, trophies, shelves, or whatever in timber or artificial wood products.

Because it’s small and light, you can use it one-handed, leaving the other free to hold the work.

tip Monte's Tip:
 It might be small but this little tool is still noisy and powerful, so wear your eye and hearing protection.




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