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Estwing Weight-Forward Hammer – Monte Dwyer

Estwing Weight-Forward Hammer – Monte Dwyer

Estwing Weight-Forward Hammer – Monte Dwyer

Estwing have been making hammers for a long time, and have always been at the forefront of design. Even so, hammers haven’t changed a great deal until now. Estwing have radically changed hammer design with the weight-forward hammer. They’ve shifted the hammer’s mass to the very end, giving much more drive from a relatively light hammer (21 ounce as opposed to 24 ounces for a normal pro-hammer).

It has an ergonomically designed handle with a soft grip and shock-absorber. There are two handle lengths, with the long handled variety definitely for the tradesperson (or those with strong arms) who swing hammers for a living.

The square face takes a little getting used-to, but is great for nailing into tight spots.

tip Monte's Tip:
The flatter claw makes it easy to pick timber up from the floor without bending your back.

Estwing products are available at all good hardware stores.




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