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Taubman’s 603010 – Faye de Lanty

Taubman’s 603010 – Faye de Lanty

Taubman’s 603010 – Faye de Lanty

Taubman’s 603010 – Faye de Lanty

Why is it that sometimes you can walk into a room and feel right at home? What is it about a room or garden that can please the senses and how can you get it?

The answer can be found on Taubman’s 603010 website. It’s an interactive way of exploring your own personal colour tastes, and can help you find your very own colour profile. It does this by exploring all your senses, and testing your reactions to a variety of sensory situations.
Once you have your colour palettes you can test them out in various rooms in a virtual house.

It’s very simple: Select your theme, choose a room, then try different palettes to test them out. You can even go for a 3D walk around the room for a better feel.

You can also try the same approach with the backyard, and when your decision is made, the 603010 website can also work out which types of paint you need, and the quantities. It’ll do just about everything but paint your house for you!

Gone are the days of painting little test patches and trying to imagine the whole room painted. Now you don’t have to imagine, you can see for yourself – without spilling a single drop!

tip Faye’s Tip:
Curious about what 603010 means? The 603010 design rule is a guide to the proportions of colour in a room: 60% dominant colour, 30% intermediate colour, 10% accent colour.




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