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Ryobi Petrol Line Trimmer – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Tools are available at all good hardware stores.

Ryobi Tools are available at all good hardware stores.

You can make short work of just about any job around your yard with a tool like the Petrol Line Trimmer from Ryobi.

It has good balance between the motor and cutting head, so it’s not tiring to use and you can comfortably sweep large areas of grass and weed. It has a comfortable grip and trigger and has a modular shaft, so you can interchange cutting heads.

Apart from the line trimming head, for cutting grass and trimming edges, walls and trees, there’s a brush cutter with a metal blade and special guard for cutting woody weeds and small shrubs. There’s also an edging tool for trimming a very neat edge along paths, garden edges and mowing strips. The hedge cutter makes short work of hedge trimming or topiary (shrub shaping), and the pruning attachment can reach up for trimming branches from trees (much safer than a chainsaw).

tip Kev ’s Tip:
The only downside is that once your neighbours clap eyes on it, they’ll want to borrow it. Tell them to get their own.

Ryobi Tools are available at all good hardware stores.




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