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Supercraft Tools

Supercraft Tools

Supercraft Tools

Supercraft Tools

Most people attempt tiling at some stage and itís relatively easy with the right tools.

Step 1: Layout the tiles dry to work out your laying pattern and where the cuts will be. Most cuts will be straight, so you can cut the tiles with a Supercraft tile cutter. This tool scores and snaps tiles quickly and accurately, and it has an adjustable stop for repetitive cuts.

Step 2: Spread tile adhesive using a notched trowel. Youíll need enough for up to about 6 tiles at a time (the adhesive manufacturer will specify the notch size on the pack). Keep the trowel as upright as possible so the ridges of glue will be the right height, and then press the tiles into the glue. Use tile spacers (5mm for floors) to keep the grout lines straight and even.

Step 3: Make corner cuts with a small angle grinder fitted with a diamond blade thatís suitable for dry cutting. You could also try a hand tile saw (if you feel fit!) and tile nips are indispensable for adjusting and tidying up the cut. Floor wastes are a bit tricky, and your eyes are drawn to them, so you need to do a neat job here. If you centre the waste grille on a tile, you can cut it along the diagonals and use tile nips to make the circular cuts in the centre. When you lay these tiles, get them as flush as possible with the grille. Donít grout until the adhesive has fully cured.

Step 4: Avoid using steel scrapers to apply grout, they leave marks on tiles that are hard to remove. Use a rubber grouter (or squeegee) to push the grout right down into the gaps. Then clean up the excess with a damp sponge and wait for the grout to dry. Then polish off the grout for a gleaming finish, and seal joints between the floor and walls with a flexible bathroom sealant (such as No More Gaps Bathroom).

tip Kevís Tip:
Waterproof membranes are required in wet areas such as showers, bathrooms and laundries. They can be applied either under the tile bed (a thick layer of mortar that gives the floor its fall to the waste grille) or they can be applied on top of the tile bed (directly under the tiles). Talk to the Mitre 10 Advice Line before starting.

Supercraft Tools are available at all good hardware stores.




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