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Coffee Table to Dining Table - Monte Dwyer

Coffee Table to Dining Table

Coffee Table to Dining Table

Coffee Table to Dining Table

Coffee Table to Dining Table

Coffee Table to Dining Table

These days more people than ever live in small apartments, so with space at a premium we thought we’d design a multi-use piece of furniture that’s also very cheap and easy to make.

The principle is simple: a box with a lid – but we have pivoted it on four arms, so that it stays level as it lifts.

Step 1: Build the box structure. We used 12mm particleboard, and glued and screwed the corners. Dress the box up as you like. Monte used pine-lining boards, but you could paint it, laminate it or whatever takes your fancy. The lining boards slot together (tongue and groove) and are screwed to the box from the inside.

Step 2: The top can also be anything you like, but we used 18mm particleboard with solid timber edges, mitred on the corners and biscuit joined to the particleboard. Then we glued plastic laminate to the top and moulded the edges with a router. On the underside of the top, glue and screw 30 x 19 timber that matches the inside dimensions of your box opening. Cut out the four pivot arms using a jigsaw, and bore the mounting holes.

Step 3: Lay the top on the floor (protect it from scratching), and then set the box in position on top of it. Screw or bolt the arms into position and test to make sure the lid works as it should.

Step 4: Screw 19 x 19mm cleats to the inside of the box so that when the bottom is fixed, the castors will protrude by 10mm (or more if you have thick carpet). Screw the castors in each corner, making sure the wheels can swivel without fouling anywhere.

Step 5: Load it up! Simply pull the lid forward and it rises for use as a desk or for dining.

tip Monte’s Tip:
To get the best durability from the pivot arms, bolt them to the box rather than using screws.

A plan and parts list is available for download from here. Please note: you will need  Adobe Acrobat Reader - a free download




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