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In good spirits
Test your spirit level for accuracy from time to time. Place it on a near level surface and see where the bubble is. Then spin the level around through 180º, and if the bubble isn’t in the same position, it’s inaccurate. If you use it, your projects won’t be level either. Replace it with a good quality spirit level and look after this one!

Hip to be square
Squares of all types can suffer a similar fate. Use your square to mark a square line on a board with a straight edge. Flip the square over, and if the new line doesn’t line up…chuck it.

I have a cramp!
Cartridge guns can be used as makeshift clamps (or cramps – depending on the school you went to) for gluing or as a spare pair of hands. The “bar-type” guns are best.

Monte’s Tip:
When you’re sanding wood, starting with course grades and working to fine, finish off with steel wool for a super-fine, polished finish.

Monte’s Tip:
Protect cut fingers and bandages while you work by cutting the finger off a glove and slipping it over the damaged digit.




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