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Kennards Hire - Laser Level - Kevin Farrell

If youíve ever renovated youíll know the value of getting levels right. Whether youíre building decks, floors, ceilings or landscaping it can be difficult to find levels (or heights) over long distances.

Thatís where a laser level makes the job easy. You may have seen the type that makes a red line. These do a good job, but can be difficult to see outdoors. The invisible type, as demonstrated by Kevin, is safer and can be used outdoors in full sunshine because it uses a small receiver to find the level.

The receiver uses audible beeps and an LCD screen to guide you to the exact level quickly and very accurately. Professional builders and landscapers use this type of machine not only so they can get the job done well, but quickly too.

A machine like this costs and arm and a leg, but you donít have to buy one Ė you can borrow one from your mate up the road. Go and hire one from Kennards.

The same goes for all the tools and equipment the professionals use, you can get access to the same gear they use if you hire rather than buy.

tip Kevís Tip:
Talk to the staff at Kennards about your project because they can probably show you equipment youíve never heard of. Iím constantly amazed at the new tools they come up with.

For more information or pop into your nearest Kennards store or click onto their website at:




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