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Ryobi 3 Inch Belt Sander - Kevin Farrell

Ryobi 3 Inch Belt Sander - Kevin Farrell

Ryobi 3 Inch Belt Sander - Kevin Farrell

Ryobi 3 Inch Belt Sander - Kevin Farrell

Ryobi 3 Inch Belt Sander - Kevin Farrell

Belt Sanders really are the workhorses of the sanding process. They’re great for sanding rough timber ready for finishing, or for sanding laminate edging, or even for shaping curves in timber (like our Squatter’s Chair).

This tool is robust and well balanced, with a good-sized dust bag to help minimise clean up and keep the air clean.

Step 1: Secure your work in a vice, or clamp it to a bench or workhorses.

Step 2: For really rough surfaces you can remove the bulk of material quickly by cross sanding at 45º in one direction, then the other. When you’re happy that the surface is flat, finish-off by using long strokes in the direction of the grain.

Step 3: To get a smooth flat surface, keep your sander flat, and keep it moving. Resist the temptation to gouge out imperfections by tipping or tilting the sander. As always, start with a coarse grit abrasive belt, and work up to fine grit.

Changing sanding belts is easy: flip the lever; slip off the old belt; check the rotation-direction of the new belt; slip it back on; flip the lever; adjust the tracking. Old belts can be reused on the machine if still in good condition, or you can tear them into block-sized pieces to use for hand sanding.

tip Kev’s Tip:
Always use your PPE (personal protective equipment) when using belt sanders. The dust mask and earmuffs for obvious reasons, but the glasses (or goggles) help keep irritating dust out of your eyes.

Ryobi tools are available at all good hardware stores.




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