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Build a Window Box - Faye de Lanty

Build a Window Box - Faye de Lanty

Build a Window Box - Faye de Lanty

Build a Window Box - Faye de Lanty

This window box can be hung from a window or used as a planter on a balcony. Itís a simple project that can be made by anyone. All the cuts are straight, except for a few simple mitres.

Step 1: Cut all the parts (the link is at the bottom of the page that will take you to the list) from pine or other timber of choice. A power mitre saw makes it easy, but itís not essential. Faye used a Ryobi cordless 18 volt saw for most cuts, and a tenon saw for the notches in the dividers.

Step 2: Screw the aluminium angle to the rails first (thereís not much room for drill or driver when the box is assembled), then glue and screw the frame together. Use a good exterior adhesive such as Aquadhere Exterior or Durabond.

Step 3: Glue and nail the cladding on, followed by the capping. Drop in the pot supports onto the aluminium angle.

Step 4: Stain or paint the box with an appropriate exterior finish.

Step 5: Pop in your favourite plants.

tip Fayeís Tip:
Leave the plants in the pots you bought them in. That way you wonít even get dirt under your nails!

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