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Room Divider - Monte Dwyer

Room Divider - Monte Dwyer

Room Divider - Monte Dwyer

Room Divider - Monte Dwyer

Room Divider - Monte Dwyer

This simple room divider looks great and is very useful for creating a small space within a large one.

You could hide your home-office or provide a little privacy when guests stay over. This design sandwiches a panel between two frames, so you can have a different colour on each side. You can even choose between solid panels, like plywood or hardboard, or fabric panels like ours.

We chose pacific maple for our frames, but you could use radiata pine or any timber of your choice.

Step 1: Cut all of your pieces to length, and mark out the half-lap joints. Use a sliding mitre saw to cut these, if it has a depth-stop. Alternatively, they can be cut with a tenon saw, a chisel and a little time and patience.

Step 2: Join all the frames. Monte used Selleys Aquadhere Durabond, because it’s a very durable adhesive, that’s easy to clean up, sand and stain. If you’ve never used it before, you might like to try it on this project. Apply the glue and clamp each frame until set. Check that each frame is square by measuring the diagonals.

Step 3: When the glue is dry, sand the faces of the frames, and clean up any glue from the inside edges. You can stain or paint them at this stage, or leave the timber raw.

Step 4: Cut your panels to fit the frames. Solid panels (plywood or hardboard) should be cut the same size as the frames, but fabric or matchstick cane should be cut smaller. Fix your panels to one frame, and then screw another to it to form a “sandwich”.

Step 5: Join the three panels together with three butt hinges between each “leaf”.

tip Monte’s Tip:
Be careful not to strip any screw heads, as they’ll be seen!

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