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Pipe Cutting – Viewers Emails - Kevin Farrell

Pipe Cutting – Viewers Emails - Kevin Farrell

Pipe Cutting – Viewers Emails - Kevin Farrell

Some of you have questions about cutting pipes. So here you go:

There’s lots of ways to cut pipe. You can use an angle grinder or a hacksaw, but they are noisy, and it’s difficult to cut perfectly square. You’ll also need to hold the pipe very firmly, and this can often mean deforming the pipe in a vice or pliers.

Another way is to use a tube cutter (also called a pipe cutter). This tool uses a hardened roller to silently and progressively cut through pipe, leaving a square, neat chamfered cut. The inside edge may be left with a burr that can be removed with the tool’s inbuilt de-burring device.

They come in a wide range of sizes for all sorts of pipes, and you can hire them too.

tip Kev’s Tip:
To get a perfectly clean cut, wrap strong masking tape around the pipe before you cut.

The Supercraft Pipe Cutter is available at all good hardware stores.




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