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Ramset Fix Up an Old Bathroom - Faye de Lanty

Ramset Fix Up an Old Bathroom - Faye de Lanty

Ramset Fix Up an Old Bathroom - Faye de Lanty

Ramset Fix Up an Old Bathroom - Faye de Lanty

It’s easy to give your bathroom a facelift with new fixtures. Faye reckons it’s like pampering the room that pampers you! Whether you’re installing a mirror or a new toilet-roll holder, it’s important to select the right fastener so your new fittings stay up!

Many homes have framed (or hollow) walls, and the studs (the vertical timber or metal parts of the frame) never seem to be where you want to fasten things. This is where hollow-wall anchors are important.

For heavy fixtures, like towel rails or mirrors, use Toggle Mates. These self-drilling fasteners have a big “footprint” that spreads the load over a large area of the wall sheeting.

For lighter items, such as a toothbrush holder, use Wall Mates. These clever fasteners simply screw into the plasterboard or fibrous cement sheeting. Then screw your fixture on with a screw provided.

For other lightweight items you can use Ram Nuts or Hollow Wall Anchors. They’re also easy to use, but will require drilling. Ram Nuts are great for fixing through tiles, as the rubber fitting won’t chip or damage the tile.

tip Faye's Tip:
Check out the Ramset range at your local hardware store. There’s a fastener for every job.




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