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Lane Locks Sliding Door Series - Monte Dwyer

Lane Locks Sliding Door Series - Monte Dwyer

Lane Locks Sliding Door Series - Monte Dwyer

Lane Locks Sliding Door Series - Monte Dwyer

What house doesn’t have a sliding door these days? Some are getting a little old now, and often the lock mechanism gives up long before the door itself.

Lane has released a beautiful range of locks that you can fit to your existing sliding door. They’re available in a variety of colours, and two materials. There are five Polesium models, which are ideal for seaside areas, and a range of tough coat metal models.

The latch and mechanism is strong and durable stainless steel, and they can be keyed-alike to other Lane locks. The handles and latches are large and easy to operate – ideal for everyone, but especially the elderly or arthritic.
Lane’s D-Locks are very, very easy to fit to your door.

Step 1: Remove the old latch and adjust the door if necessary.

Step 2: Use the template and instructions to fit. It may screw straight on, or you may have to make some adjustments with a drill.

Step 3: Test the lock, make final adjustments, and distribute the new keys!

tip Monte’s Tip:
Deadlocks are for slowing down burglars when you’re away from the house. Don’t deadlock yourself inside, because it might prevent you from escaping in an emergency.

Lane Locks are available at all good hardware stores.




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