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Selleys Araldite Super Strength - Kevin Farrell

Selleys Araldite Super Strength - Kevin Farrell

Selleys Araldite Super Strength - Kevin Farrell

Selleys make a range of Epoxy adhesives, and youíve seen us use some before (Araldite Quick Set, and Ultra Clear). Araldite Super Strength works a little differently to these.

Step 1: Get your project ready, and then squeeze out equal parts of glue and hardener onto a mixing board. Mix until it has an even colour.

Step 2: Up to now the process is the same as for the other Araldites, but now it changes - let it sit for five minutes, and mix again. This is important, because if you skip this step it may not reach its full strength.

Step 3: Apply the glue to your project. Hereís another difference Ė you have up to one hour to work with the glue, so itís ideal for fiddly or complicated jobs. Thatís a lot more time than the other varieties.

Step 4: Let the glue cure for a day (or longer if you can) to achieve its maximum strength.

Araldite Super Strength can be used on a wide variety of materials and has amazing strength. Kevin repaired a rocking chair and a broken panel of cast iron lace.

tip Kevís Tip:
Always keep Araldite in the shed for emergencies and those tricky repairs Ė large or small.

Selleys Araldite Super Strength and all other Selleys products are available at all good hardware stores.




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