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Lane Profile Series Door Levers – Monte Dwyer

Lane Profile Series Door Levers – Monte Dwyer

Lane Profile Series Door Levers – Monte Dwyer

Lane Profile Series Door Levers – Monte Dwyer

A new series of contemporary door levers is available. They can be installed in new doors or they can replace old levers and knobs for a quick upgrade.

They’re available in two sizes - the 52mm rose diameter for new doors, and the 60mm diameter is ideal for replacing old levers and knobs, as it will cover the old mounting hole.

They’ll fit straight into most existing latches, but are packed with a new latch and striker plate if you’d like to update them as well.

They’re available as a passage set (no locking function) or as a privacy set (for bedrooms and bathrooms). They have a strong spring so the lever won’t sag.

They’re easy to change over: simply remove the old lever or knob (you may need to unscrew the rose/flange, or press a small “button” to pop the old knob off), slide in the new Lane Profile Series lever from each side, screw in place (screws provided), and fit the cover plates.

Available in several shapes, colours and finishes, the only thing you need to know is that these locks are security sealed to make sure no one can plunder the pack before you get it home (you’ll never be short of a screw or any other part).

Lane Security products are available at all good hardware stores.




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