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Ryobi Tile Cutter – Monte Dwyer

Ryobi Tile Cutter – Monte Dwyer

Ryobi Tile Cutter – Monte Dwyer

The simplest way to cut tiles is the score-and-snap method, which is fine for straight cuts. Inevitably, you’ll need to cut some angles and corners and the common way to cut these is the angle grinder. These create lots of dust, are tricky to use, and can be dangerous.

A great way to cut tiles is the Ryobi Tile Cutter, which is a small bench “saw” fitted with a 180mm diamond disk. This disk is cooled and lubricated by a bath of water, which also traps dust. The saw has a tilting table for cutting bevels (for edges) and a mitre-gauge for 45º mitres. There is a fence that helps make accurate, straight cuts.

The switch has a removable pin so you can disable it (a great idea if curious kids are about), and the disk is guarded to help prevent accidental bodily contact.

tip Monte ’s Tip:
Always use power tools with a “safety switch” (or RCD), especially when there’s water about.

The Tile Cutter and all other tools from the Ryobi range are available at all leading hardware stores




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