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Selleys Spakfilla Rapid Ė Kevin Farrell

Selleys Spakfilla Rapid Ė Kevin Farrell

Selleys Spakfilla Rapid Ė Kevin Farrell

Selleys Spakfilla Rapid Ė Kevin Farrell

The fastest way to repair a hole in a wall is to hang a picture over it. OK, thatís really a cover-up. Thereís really no excuse for not fixing it properly, because Spakfilla Rapid is so fast, you can have holes filled, sanded and painted in 30 minutes flat.

Itís ideal for dents, holes (large and small), scratches, cracks and tears on plasterboard or solid plaster.

Step 1: Prepare by cutting away any loose paper and plaster. Remove any edges that might show through the repair.

Step 2: Scoop out the pre-mixed Spakfilla with the plastic spatula provided, and push it well into the hole. Smooth off the surface with the spatula and wait for it to dry. Spakfilla Rapid doesnít shrink, so one coat should do the trick!

Step 3: Sand carefully, making sure you donít damage the surrounding wall. Itís now ready for paint.

Selleys Spakfilla Heavy Duty
This type of Spakfilla is ideal for repairing exterior holes and cracks in concrete, render or block walls. It can handle the weather and is so strong that it can even be drilled and fastened into.

Apply it just like any other spakfilla. Repairs in large holes might shrink slightly, so a second coat may be required to get a flush finish.

tip Kev ís Tip:
Thereís a plastic insert in the Spakfilla pack. Donít throw it out! Put it back in the pack when youíre finished to help keep the Spakfilla from drying out Ė so itís ready for action next time you need it.

Selleys products are available at all good hardware stores.




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