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Tubmans Outdoor Colour Range - Kevin Farrell

Kevin shows us how to paint a rendered surface using Taubmans Outdoor Colour.

It's an exterior paint that’s perfect for painting over render and comes in a Sand, Stone, Tuscan and Ultra Flat finish. There’s even a range for timber.

Today Kevin is using Stone Finish.

Using a large brush (over 75mm) or a long roller, lay the paint on thickly - the paint has grit in it so it looks like a render.

It will be touch dry in only 30 mins and can be re-coated in 4 hours.

Rendered and painted walls are very popular; they create a soft wash Mediterranean feel reminiscent of Tuscan villas.

The Taubmans Outdoor Colour Range is available in a variety of colours and textures to complement any decorating theme.

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