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Decks are part of the Australian way of life.

Most are timber and, because of that, they weather. They need to be refinished to keep them looking good, longer.

Itís quite a simple job to refinish a deck.

Firstly you need to remove lichens and mosses that are eating the wood. These need to be killed off, so itís not enough to simply hose the deck down. Use a deck wash such as Cabotís Deck Clean.

Then fix down any loose boards, punch in all the staples and nails, drive in new nails where needed. The deck can then be sanded and finally refinished with a good quality deck finish.

To wash the deck mix the product with water, follow the instructions, for example a 4 to 1 mix. Make sure you are wearing gloves and safety glasses.
Use a deck-scrub brush, it has stiff bristles and a long handle to keep your hands and eyes well away from it. The stiff bristles allow you to get right into the grain.

Hose the deck down and, while you wait for it to dry, tighten any loose boards with some nails. Punch the nails and staples down so that they wont rip your sandpaper.

Sand the whole deck thoroughly and then you are ready to apply your paint finish. Kevin used a large belt sander, rather than a floor sander, because decks donít need to be perfectly flat.

A good quality decking oil such as Cabotís Natural Decking Oil will soak into the timber protecting it for a long time whereas paint sits on top and might trap moisture in the timber.

For application you need a good paintbrush for the edges and perhaps a lambs wool pad attached to a broom handle rather than a roller. A roller might splatter the walls too much.

Stir your deck oil thoroughly with a scooping action before you start and before each coat to ensure an even uniform colour all over the deck. Use long strokes going with the grain. Always coat the boards right to the end without pausing to avoid any streaking. Donít try to put on too much in one go.

Finish off around the edges using a brush.

Even with just one coat on it, your deck will look so much better.
Refinishing a deck is not a difficult job and can be done over a weekend so why not give it a go and restore your deck to its former glory?

Cabotís Decking products are available at Mitre 10 and good hardware stores




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