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RYOBI TABLE SAW – Kevin Farrell

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If you enjoy your woodwork you might like to consider a table saw.

A table saw makes woodwork a lot easier. It allows you to keep both hands on the timber and there is no need to screw fences down to benches or sawhorses.
All the fences are inbuilt to allow you to cut angles and squares and to rip very easily.

Table saws have a variety of safety features.

All table saws have a blade guard that must rise and fall with the timber. These guards tend to be clear so that you can see what the timber is doing underneath. Never take the guard off.

All table saws should have a “riving knife”, which is a piece of steel that lines up with the back of the blade. The riving knife stops the timber from closing up on the blade and being thrown forwards at you. At the back there are anti kickback pawls, these teeth also prevent the timber from being thrown back at you.

On the front of the saw is a safety switch. Removing the pin prevents the saw from being accidentally started. It’s very important that you unplug the pin and remove it whenever you are changing the blade or doing any adjustment operation on the saw.

There is an adjustment for rise and fall so that the saw can be lowered to match the size of the material you are cutting. Another adjustment enables you to tilt the blade so that you can cut bevels when you’re ripping, or to cut compound angles.

A vitally important safety item is the push stick. It allows you to push thin pieces of timber through without getting your fingers anywhere near the blade.

The ripping fence is set parallel to the blade, allowing either wide or very thin pieces of timber to be cut parallel, again keeping your fingers away from the blade and eliminating the need for clamping fences.

There is a gauge on the front that allows you to quickly set the width of the cut.
On the other side of the saw there is a mitre gauge to enable you to cut from zero degrees, (i.e. square) right through to 60 degrees. If you combine that with a tilted blade you can cut compound mitres.

You can mount other machines such as a router or a jigsaw to Ryobi table saws.

The work surface of the table saw is flat and smooth to allow your materials to slide over it quite easily.

When you get your machine it will have some warning labels on it, make sure you read them, they are for your own safety. However then remove them to prevent jamming before you use the saw.

If you’re a serious home improver you’ll appreciate how quickly and safely the Ryobi Table Saw can do everything you need to do.




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