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Ryobi 100mm Belt Sander – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi 100mm Belt Sander – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi 100mm Belt Sander – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi 100mm Belt Sander – Kevin Farrell

You’ve seen us use a 75mm belt sander before, and this one is its big brother. Naturally, it has a wider belt and much bigger “contact patch” so you can sand large areas faster. It also has more grunt (1350 watts) to power off material without stalling.

But the big difference is the sanding tray. This device is like a set of training wheels, but it’s not for learners, it helps to keep the sander perfectly upright so you won’t get gouges or a wavy, uneven finish. It also makes it possible to sand off the thinnest possible amount, so you won’t sand right through thin veneers.

Kevin also found that the sanding tray helped the sander to glide over the surface, taking all the effort out for the operator. He sanded off just the thickness of the lacquer on a large oak veneered table top, without a gouge in sight.

tip Kev’s Tip:
Practice with a belt sander before attacking your favourite furniture. They can sand off lots of timber very quickly, so it pays to get the hang of it on something sacrificial first.

The Ryobi 100mm Belt Sander and all other tools from the Ryobi range are available at all leading hardware stores.




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