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MitrePlan – Storage Seat – Faye de Lanty

MitrePlan – Storage Seat – Faye de Lanty

MitrePlan – Storage Seat – Faye de Lanty

MitrePlan – Storage Seat – Faye de Lanty

MitrePlan – Storage Seat – Faye de Lanty

Everyone needs a place to sit and no one has enough storage. This simple project gives you both! With a bundle of treated pine, some galvanised screws and a few hinges you can have one too.

Step 1: Cut the pieces to size. H3 grade treated pine will be fine, unless you intend sitting this seat directly on the ground (soil), then you’ll need H4 and a few more dollars. The plan shows wide boards, but don’t worry if you can’t get them where you live, you can simply substitute for whatever’s locally available. We used 90mm decking boards and adjusted the dimensions so the panels are made from whole boards.

Step 2: Screw the rails to the “pickets” to form each panel. Use two screws per picket and pre-drill the rail with a clearance hole to avoid splitting the timber. Screw through the rails (rather than through the pickets) so the screws aren’t visible. Make sure the end panels are a pair (left and right handed). Try using the new square-drive screws – you’ll be amazed how the driver doesn’t slip out!

Step 3: Mark out the arch for the back panel. To do this, bend something flexible (like dowel) around the shape (use some nails to help line it up) and trace around with a pencil. Use a jigsaw to cut the shape and tidy up the cut with a bevel made with a plane or rasp.

Step 4: Assemble! Simply screw the panels together through the corners. The plywood base panel has to be fitted before the back panel goes on.

Step 5: Screw the hinges to the seat, then the seat trim to the other leaves of the hinges. Then lift the whole seat unit up and screw through the seat trim into the rail on the back panel. Screw on the arms and it’s done!

tip Faye’s Tip:
When you work with treated pine, minimise dust and clean up as you go. Wear a P2 dust mask when cutting or sanding (sanding should be avoided if possible). Wash your hands well before eating, and dispose of off cuts in the bin – don’t burn them, as the smoke is toxic.




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