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Aquarium - Selleys Glass Silicone Sealant – Monte Dwyer

Aquarium - Selleys Glass Silicone Sealant – Monte Dwyer

Aquarium - Selleys Glass Silicone Sealant – Monte Dwyer

Aquarium - Selleys Glass Silicone Sealant – Monte Dwyer

This is a classic case of the right tool for the job. There’s all kinds of silicones designed to do specific tasks – Roof & Gutter, Brick & Concrete, Wet Area, and this one: Glass.

Monte’s making an aquarium, and it’s important to select the right sealant, because it not only has to be waterproof and strong enough to hold against the water pressure, it also has to be non-toxic to the fish. Small tanks like this are very easy to assemble, but larger tanks require sealant to be applied slightly differently.

Step 1: Cut or order your glass to size. For safety and a neat appearance, have the edges “arrised”. This is a small bevel that removes the sharp edge.

Step 2: Apply masking tape to the glass so that you’ll have straight edges on the silicone. Lay out the glass panels so you can simply stand the panels up and hold them together tightly with masking tape on the outside of the corners.

Step 3: Apply the sealant by pushing it into the corners, and then smooth it off with a wet finger. Remove the masking tape from each side of the joint carefully, without touching the new silicone. Then leave it for about 72 hours to fully cure. Remove the outside tape and give it a rinse off before installing the new fish.

tip Monte’s Tip:
Of course if it’s good enough for fish, it’s good enough to seal leaks around your windows, skylights or wherever else glass needs a good seal.

Selleys products are available at all good hardware stores.




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