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Hills ClosetMaid Wardrobe - Kevin Farrell

Hills ClosetMaid Wardrobe - Kevin Farrell

Hills ClosetMaid Wardrobe - Kevin Farrell

Hills ClosetMaid Wardrobe - Kevin Farrell

Most home improvement projects take plenty of time and energy to complete, but not this one. Itís unbelievably fast and simple to install this very effective wardrobe system and hereís how:

Step 1: Get one of the ready-to-fit kits, or design your own wardrobe using a ClosetMaid wardrobe planner. Both are available from your local hardware store. Sketch out your design and dimensions, and check the components guide to work out a parts list. If you get stuck check out for some assistance. The kits have everything youíll need, and you can configure your new wardrobe in many different ways to meet your current needs and your future requirements.

Step 2: Follow the instructions that come with the kit, or if youíre custom building your own from components (like Kevin did) follow these steps: First, fix the hanging rail. Then position the shelf support strips according to your plan. Then simply click together all the brackets and shelves!

Step 3: If you get stuck call 1300 300 564 for help or for someone to install it for you.

Step 4: Fill your new wardrobe with clothes and shoes! Itíll probably take longer to do this step than all the rest combined!

tip Kevís Tip:
 Consult, consult, consult. Wardrobes are sacred territory to some people, so discuss the design carefully before starting.




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