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Lane Doors Dress Up – Faye de Lanty

Lane Doors Dress Up – Faye de Lanty

Lane Doors Dress Up – Faye de Lanty

Lane Doors Dress Up – Faye de Lanty

Everyone knows that first impressions count, so it makes sense to have a front door that impresses. It’s easy to do with a Lane Locks door makeover.

Grand Handle.
This handle simply fits around and below your existing lockset – whether you have a lever or a doorknob.

1) Remove your existing lockset, insert the grand handle and loosely place the lockset back.
2) Make sure the handle is plumb (perfectly vertical) and mark the lower hole with a bradawl (or any sharp instrument).
3) Drill a 7mm hole through the door and insert the connector. Tighten the lockset and you’re finished!

Decorative Trim Plates.
If your door has a deadlock as well as a lockset you can dress them up with a trim plate. They’re made from brass, and available in several finishes to match your existing door furniture. They also protect the door from scratching and marks made by keys and hands.

1) Remove the existing lockset and deadlock, then reinstall with the plate in place.

tip Faye’s Tip:
Check out the range at your nearest hardware store, there’s sure to be a makeover solution for your doors.

Lane products are available at all good hardware stores.




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