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Hills Kitchen Storage Systems – Faye De Lanty

Hills Kitchen Storage Systems – Faye De Lanty

Hills Kitchen Storage Systems – Faye De Lanty

Hills Kitchen Storage Systems – Faye De Lanty

Most of the home’s activity happens in the kitchen. It’s amazing how much stuff you can shove into kitchen cupboards, but finding items when you need them isn’t always so easy. You know what it’s like trying to find that something you know you have, but it’s way down the back under all the plastic containers…

Well now there’s a simple way to convert your kitchen into an efficient, modern storage system that allows you store more, and get better access to all of your appliances and goodies.

The Hills Kitchen Storage System components can be adapted to fit any kitchen. There’s so much to choose from, including racks, baskets, drawers, rails, hangers, and towel dispensers.

Step 1: Choose the components that best suit your needs.

Step 2: Clean out your cupboards. This is a good chance to throw out that packet cake that expired in 1988!

Step 3: Fix runners and rails in place with the screws provided.

Step 4: Mount the drawers, baskets and hooks where you want them.

Step 5: Load everything back in and enjoy!

tip Faye’s Tip:
You don’t need loads of tools or big muscles to do this kitchen makeover. Just pick up the components at hardware or variety stores.




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