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Taubmans Outdoor Colour - Faye De Lanty

Taubmans Outdoor Colour - Faye De Lanty

Taubmans Outdoor Colour - Faye De Lanty

Taubmans Outdoor Colour - Faye De Lanty

Taubmans Outdoor Colour - Faye De Lanty

Faye decided to give her outdoor storage seat a splash of colour. She chose Taubmans Outdoor Colour for the task because it doesnít need priming, its touch dry in 30 minutes, itís washable, and itís designed for the outdoors - so itís long lasting.

Outdoor paint is available in a variety of colours, so youíre sure to be able to match your existing colour scheme, or simply find a colour you love.

Faye gave the seat a single coat, so the timber grain would still be visible. To add an interesting touch to the seat, Faye cut a gumleaf shape from stiff cardboard to use as a stencil.

She used spray paint to create a two-tone gumleaf motif on several panels of the seat. Just hold the stencil in place and spray the first colour. For a touch of realism, scratch a line down the centre of each leaf with a screwdriver or can opener. When the first colour is dry, flip the stencil over and spray the second colour.

You can make any design stencil you like, and use it again and again.

tip Fayeís Tip:
Soak your brush in warm water for a couple of minutes before you start. This will stop the bristles absorbing paint, and give good flow right from the start.

All products from the Taubmans range are available at good hardware stores.




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