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Ryobi Grinder/Sander/Polisher

Ryobi Grinder/Sander/Polisher

Ryobi Grinder/Sander/Polisher

Ryobi Grinder/Sander/Polisher

A viewer asked why he was unable to successfully polish his car with a grinder. Kev reckons the simple answer is that a grinder is the wrong tool, because itís too fast for the task.

The right tool is a similar-looking tool Ė the grinder/sander/polisher. This tool is perfect for the task because you can set a slower speed for a lambís wool buffer, and also for a sanding pad. It also has a removable guard to allow enough space for the buffer. You can still grind with it by replacing the guard and selecting the fastest speed.


Kevís Tip:
Donít grind near glass because the sparks will embed in it and ruin it permanently.

Also avoid grinding on concrete because the sparks that land on it will leave lots of little rust marks next time it rains.

The Ryobi Grinder/Sander/Polisher is available at all leading hardware stores.




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