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Selleys Super Glue Brushable

Selleys Super Glue Brushable

Selleys Super Glue Brushable

Selleys Super Glue Brushable

There’s no doubt that superglue is terrific stuff, but one drawback has been that you could only apply a small drop on your repair.

Now you can repair items that normal superglue couldn’t, with new brush-on superglue. Simply brush the glue onto one surface, bring the two parts together, apply slight pressure and leave for about a half hour.

You can then put the item to practical use, but for full strength you’ll need to wait 24 hours.

Super Glue Brushable is great for general repairs, as well as school projects, like model making, hobbies and artwork. The spill proof bottle helps to avoid accidents too.

Always replace the cap when you’ve finished. This will prevent it setting the bottle. Then clean up with nail polish remover.


Faye’s Tip:
Girls – carry a bottle in your handbag for times when your nails need repair. Keep a bottle in the bathroom, shed, toolbox or “third drawer” so it’s handy for a quick repair.

Selleys Super Glue Brushable is available at all leading hardware stores.




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