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Garage Door Makeover Kevin Farrell and Faye De Lanty

Garage Door Makeover  Kevin Farrell and Faye De Lanty

Garage Door Makeover  Kevin Farrell and Faye De Lanty

Kevin and Faye make over a rusty old garage door, making it look like new again and giving it protection form further rust with White Knight Rust Guard.

Rustguard stops rust, primes and topcoats in one easy application with no primer required. It transforms any rusty surface into a hard gloss finish.

Rustguard provides excellent durability and adhesion.

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Clean the surface from grease, oil, dirt, and rust scale. Wash salty surfaces thoroughly with clean, fresh water.
  2. Thoroughly sand new metal and lightly sand previously painted surfaces to ensure maximum adhesion.
  3. Remove loose rust and flaking paint with a wire brush, scraper or mechanical sander until a firm metal base is established.
  4. Non-steel products such as aluminium or galvanised iron should be thoroughly weathered and washed with mineral turps before painting.
  5. New galvanised iron and other non-ferrous metal surfaces should be primed with White Knight True Bite or SLS Etch Primer.
  6. Timber, masonry and other unpainted surfaces should be sealed and primed first using an appropriate product.
  7. Before Spraying: Cover nearby areas to protect from overspray. Shake the can for one minute to mix paint and occasionally during use.

Step 2: Application

  1. Brush On - Rustguard should be applied directly to the metal surface by brush roller or spray gun (nozzle pressure 1500-1800 psi).
  2. If a second coat is required, leave 16 hours and sand lightly before recoating.
  3. Aerosol - Rustguard should be applied directly to the metal surface. Hold the can upright approximately 25cm from the surface. It is better to apply a mist coat followed by a number of light coats rather than one heavy coat.

White Knight products are available at all good hardware stores.




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