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Ryobi Scrollsaw

Kev reckons the way to join skirting boards on inside corners is to “scribe” them rather than mitre them. Start by cutting a mitre in the usual way, and then carefully cut around the mitre, following the profile of the moulding. You can use a coping saw, but a scrollsaw is much easier, faster and more accurate. The fine blade allows you to make intricate cuts, even if there are very small curves and corners.

If you don’t have one, look for a saw with a big adjustable table, large throat, dust blower, clear blade guard, adjustable speed, and work light. An accessory drawer is very handy so you don’t have to search for spare blades or Allen keys.

They’re also great for cutting stencils, puzzles, fretwork and more.

tip Kev's Tip:
Don’t over-tighten the blades or you’ll snap them too often. Although these tools are quite safe, always supervise children when they use these saws.




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