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Re-Seal Your Kitchen Bench

Itís very common to see very ugly joints between kitchen benchtops and the wall or splashback. Grout is often the culprit, and itís the wrong material for this joint because itís not flexible. So it starts cracking and falling out with the slight movements between the two surfaces. Donít procrastinate over this repair, because moisture can get through to damage the kitchen cabinets (this can be expensive!), cockroaches will love the moisture, and mould will start to grow on your food preparation areas.

Step 1: Scrap out the old grout or sealant, and clean thoroughly with turps.

Step 2: Mask both surfaces as straight as possible with a good masking tape.

Step 3: Push sealant into the gap, filling the joint as much as possible. Use a wet area silicone sealant because these are specially made to resist moisture and inhibit mould.

Step 4: Remove the masking tape (carefully) before the sealant begins to ďskinĒ, and then leave it alone to fully cure.

tip Kev's Tip:
Donít touch the sealant after youíve removed the tape. If youíve stuffed-up a small section, youíre usually better off to let it set, cut out the affected part and re-do that section. On the other hand if youíve stuffed the whole thing, scrape it all out while itís still wet (this is messy!), clean up with turps and start again.




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