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Don’t use your kitchen knives for household repairs or projects, they’re just not made for it and you might get hurt. There are a variety of specialty knives available to suit specific tasks, such as the flooring knife. It has a curved blade that makes it easy to cut on or close to the floor, great for carpet. The boot maker’s knife has a sturdy handle and thick blade so that it has all the stiffness needed for trimming tough materials, and can be sharpened many times. Scalpels are ideal for model making, artwork or other tasks that need superb control. They have replaceable blades and are held like a pencil.

The most common knives are utility knives. There are many types out there – some with snap-off blades, and some with replaceable blades and comfortable handles. These knives can be used for practically everything, and spare blades can be stored in handy dispensers.

tip Kev's Tip:
Keep your knives up and away from curious little fingers, but avoid the temptation to hang them over the bench, unless they can’t possibly fall, or come into contact with something soft – like you.




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