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Mitre 10 MEGA Store

Mitre 10 MEGA Store

Mitre 10 MEGA Store

Mitre 10 MEGA Store

Mitre 10 MEGA Store

Although the new Mitre10 MEGA stores look like traditional hardware superstores, they don’t feel like one, with wide isles, great lighting and a layout that makes it easy to find everything.

And, of course, now’s the time to get outside and create in the garden. There’s a range of MITREPLANS to help you, plus all the plants and landscape materials you’ll need. Australian natives and other water-hardy plants can give you a wide choice of options for a lush garden that’s drought-resistant. Even in small spaces, you can create a relaxing atmosphere with water features and potted plants.

A big range of power tools and equipment means you can compare makes and models to find the right balance of value and quality for you. They’re on display for you to pick up, feel and check the features.

The Kitchen displays are an easy way to select the look you want for your kitchen. It’s well worth talking to the design consultants, because they can help you to achieve the same look in your kitchen within your budget. The displays include designs from traditional to contemporary, and galleys to serverys, as well as walls of colours for bench tops, doors and splashbacks.

Have a break in the MEGA Café, while the kids play in the secure playground.

The timberyard is huge! And it’s under-cover so you can select and load in any weather, plus everything stays dry. It’s like a drive-through supermarket for building materials!

The bathroom displays work like the kitchens, but be sure to check out how affordable the top-quality materials (like stone) are. Of course, if the budget’s tight (and who’s isn’t?) the design consultant can offer alternative materials. This service is, of course, free.

There’s lots more that’s new about Mitre10 MEGA – check out the website:

tip Kev’s Tip:
There’s an old adage – “when you see something and you think you need it, buy it”, because if you don’t, you’ll need it soon. When you go to buy screws or nails, also buy a pack larger and smaller than the size you need. That way you’ll always have a range on hand for unexpected jobs.





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