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Multi-purpose Room

Multi-purpose Room

A garage makes an ideal multi-purpose room. Apart from keeping the car safe and dry, it can also serve as a games or playroom.

Step 1: Remove rubbish (don’t feel embarrassed – we all have the odd broken chair and old bike that we’ll get around to) and old shelving. Brush-down the walls with a stiff brush.

Step 2: Paint! We chose an outdoor paint because the garage walls are “single skin” (one layer of bricks). This means that they will absorb moisture from outside, so the paint must be able to handle it. The Taubmans Outdoor paint is also self-priming, so we could paint the garage with a single coat. You can simply slap it on with a big brush, or use a long-nap roller.

The concrete floor can be painted with paving paint, or even covered in vinyl, or hard tiles. Go for finishes that are non-slip and sturdy enough to handle the car.

Step 3: Reinstall shelving and other furniture. Foldaway or wall-mounted furnishings can give your space much more flexibility.

Note: Garages are not suitable as “habitable” rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms because they may become moist, promoting and supporting moulds and fungi, which are hazardous to your health.

tip Faye's Tip:
Rather than “cut-in” with your paintbrush to form a straight line of paint at the floor, use strips of thin plywood or hardboard to give you quick and easy straight line – even on the roughest walls and floors.

Oh, and how does Faye paint without getting a drop on her? Trade secret.




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