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Selleys Quick Fix Shockproof Superglue

Selleys Quick Fix Shockproof Superglue

Selleys Quick Fix Shockproof Superglue

Superglue has always been the fastest way to repair something, but itís had its limitations. Although it was strong, it was also brittle, so shocks and vibrations could break the bond.

Now thereís a new shockproof superglue thatís slightly more flexible, so itís able to withstand shocks, knocks and vibrations much better.

Selleys have developed Quick Fix Shockproof, and itís ideal for fast repairs on tools, workshop equipment, kids toys, mowers, telephones, auto repairs and even solid metal door knockers.

Itís as easy to use as standard superglues, although it takes a little longer to cure to full strength.

tip Kev's Tip:
Keep superglue away from your skin! But donít panic if you do glue your phone to your ear, it can be dissolved with acetone (nail polish remover).




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