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Zenith Castors

Zenith Castors

Zenith Castors

Zenith Castors

There are two main categories of castors: furniture castors and heavy-duty castors.

Furniture castors are designed for interior use. Ball castors are great for rolling on carpet, twin-wheel castors are great on any surface, and are available hooded or unhooded. You can also get them with brakes to help your furniture items stay put. They can be fixed to furniture via a stem fitting or a plate. Bed castors are available as replacements, and trolley castors are excellent on tile floors.

Heavy-duty castors are designed for punishing use in the garage or shed. They are available in fixed or swivel types, in black or grey rubber (grey doesn’t leave marks) and hard nylon. The rubber types are great on hard surfaces and roll quietly. The hard nylon wheels handle maximum loads and are longwearing.

tip Faye's Tip:
Selecting the right castor is as easy as rolling into your nearest hardware store.

Zenith Castors are available at all leading hardware stores.





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