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Mitreplan – Garden Bench – Kevin Farrell

Mitreplan – Garden Bench

Mitreplan – Garden Bench

Mitreplan – Garden Bench

Mitreplan – Garden Bench

Mitreplan – Garden Bench

If you can’t find a MITREPLAN that’s exactly what you need, you can mix and match of range for all the inspiration and instruction you need for the job you have in mind.

Today’s project involves welding box-section steel parts to form the frame of a stylish garden bench seat, and it’s topped-off with a hardwood seat.

Step 1: Cut the steel parts with an angle grinder. Use the grinder to remove sharp edges. Work in an area that’s clear of flammable materials, or materials that may be damaged by sparks.

Step 2: Weld the frame together. Follow the instructions in the MITREPLAN, and pay particular attention to the safety instruction. Make sure the components are square before you weld. You can use locking pliers to hold the parts together.

Step 3: Grind the welds off neatly.

Step 4: Paint the frame to protect it from the elements. We used White Knight Hammered Finish, but you could also use Rust Guard. These paints not only look great, they protect steel from rusting and are very durable.

Step 5: Glue and screw the seating timber in place. Pre-drill the screw holes in the steel then use polyurethane wood glue, like Selleys Durabond, to fix them in place permanently.

Step 6: Protect the seat with a good-quality exterior wood stain or oil.

tip Kev’s Tip:
Don’t be afraid to experiment with new materials. All the information you need is in the MITREPLANS, or you can ask the friendly staff at your local Mitre 10.

MITREPLANS are available at all Mitre 10 stores across Australia.




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