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Ryobi Bench Mounted Router - Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Bench Mounted Router

Ryobi Bench Mounted Router

Ryobi Bench Mounted Router

Ryobi Bench Mounted Router

By now you know the advantages and uses of routers, but have you ever thought of mounting your router in a bench or saw table?

Routers are often easier to use this way, especially for small items. The adjustable fence makes it faster and safer to operate too.

Youíll still need your safety gear, and the operation of the tool is essentially the same:

  • Use firm, even pressure on the work.
  • Keep fingers and hands clear.

You might like to make yourself some aids to make routing safer and more accurate. Pressure boards (or finger boards) help to keep your work piece firmly down on the bench, while helping to guard the cutter. Make other fences and jigs, as you need them, especially if you have repetitive cuts to make.

tip Kevís Tip:
Connect your router up to a workshop vacuum. It not only helps keep the shed clean, it keeps the cutting area clear of waste.

Ryobi Routers are available at all leading hardware stores.




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