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Tape Measures – Kevin Farrell

Tape Measures – Kevin Farrell

Tape Measures – Kevin Farrell

Tapes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and varieties. The 8 metre tapes are probably the most useful, but there are also smaller and much longer tapes available.

Most have a shock-absorber feature to protect the end-stop from damage when the tape is retracted. The end-stop should have some “slack” in it. This is essential, as it compensates for the thickness of the end stop – so you’ll get an accurate measurement whether you hook the end over or push it up against an object.

A variety of brake mechanisms are available, and some are available in both metric and imperial systems.

Some have rubber covers to prevent the tape doing damage if you drop it on, say, tiles. Some also have magnetic end-stops, which are great when working with steel – such as fencing. The magnets are also good for picking up dropped drill bits.

So how does your toolbox measure up?

Supercraft Tape measures are available at all leading hardware stores.




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