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Cabot's Natural Decking Oil – Faye de Lanty

Cabots Natural Decking Oil

Cabots Natural Decking Oil

Cabots Natural Decking Oil

Cabots Natural Decking Oil

Timber needs protection from the elements if it’s to last and look good. Good quality timber oils are the best way to protect deck timbers.

Step 1: Clean the deck with Cabot’s Deck Clean. Simply mix, scrub and rinse off. Cover plants and other items under the deck to prevent damage.

Step 2: When the deck is completely dry, apply the Decking Oil with a lamb’s wool applicator. Use a brush to cut-in around posts and along walls, then use long strokes with the applicator to oil about 5 or 6 boards at a time.
Don’t stop partway along boards or you’ll get a “pause mark” in the finish.

Step 3: Apply a second coat, and then wait for it to dry!

Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil is available at all good hardware stores.




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