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Measuring Tapes – Kevin Farrell

Measuring Tapes – Kevin Farrell

Measuring Tapes – Kevin Farrell

Measuring Tapes – Kevin Farrell

Of course size matters! That’s why we have measuring tapes, and since every project starts out with measuring, it makes sense to use the best quality measuring tapes that you can afford. That doesn’t mean that you should necessarily buy the most expensive one you can find – here’s a few of the features to look for in a quality measuring tape:

  • The tape itself. Quality tapes have a coating over the markings, to protect them from wearing off as you use them. The coating is often a matt-finish to make the tape easier to read outdoors. Some are made from stainless steel, so they won’t corrode in marine or outdoor environments.
  • The brake. Most tapes have a brake that you push on to hold the tape out, but some stay out on their own, and a touch of a button retracts them. These are much easier to use.
  • Casings. These should be robust, and the rubber-encased versions don’t do much damage when you drop them (and you will!).
  • Hooks. These should also be robust so they don’t bend easily. Some are magnetic (handy for fencing), and some are designed to hook over a nail (ideal for landscaping).
  • Length. For big jobs (usually landscaping) a long tape is the only way to go. Some are 30 metres long.
tip Kev's Tip:
A little extra spent on good quality measuring gear will actually save you money in the long run, because you’ll avoid costly measuring mistakes.

Good quality measuring tapes like the range from Komelon are available at all leading hardware stores.




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