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Dulux Nevermiss Ceiling Paint Ė Lochie Daddo

Dulux Nevermiss Ceiling Paint

Dulux Nevermiss Ceiling Paint

When it comes to painting ceilings Ė especially white-on-white Ė itís really easy to miss patches. You canít see it when youíre up the ladder and the paintís wet, but you sure can when the paint dries. Large, high, or ornate ceilings are the most difficult.

Well, all thatís about to change. Dulux Nevermiss is a revolutionary paint that goes on pink, but dries white. This enables you to see easily where you have and havenít painted.

As if the unique colour-changing technology wasnít enough, Dulux Nevermiss also contains all the benefits of a one-coat ceiling paint:

  • Coverage in one coat
  • Low spatter formulation
  • Beautiful matt finish
tip Lochieís Tip:
Watching paint dry has never been so entertaining, even if pink isnít the most masculine colour.

For more information on Dulux Nevermiss Ceiling Paint check out the Dulux website or pop into your nearest leading hardware store.




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