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How To Fill Gaps Around the Home Faye De Lanty

How To Fill Gaps Around the Home  Faye De Lanty

How To Fill Gaps Around the Home  Faye De Lanty

There are gaps everywhere your teeth, your memory, and around the house. Faye cant help with your teeth, and maybe Friday night is best forgotten, but she can help with gaps around the house.

By now you must know that No More Gaps is the way to fill gaps in masonry, concrete, walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and just about anywhere else. The only problem with that is you need to have a caulking gun. Not any more!

Now theres a No More Gaps in a very handy squeezable tube. But its not just any No More Gaps shoved in a squishy tube this is a special multi-purpose variety designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can use Squeeze Easy to fill cracks in walls, skirting boards or doors indoors or outside.

Its also paint able, so you can repair walls and ceilings with no fear about paint not sticking.

tip Fayes Tip:
Keep a tube in your toolbox or top drawer so its always on hand when the need arises. Its the only squeeze youll ever need.

Selleys Squeeze Easy is available at all good hardware stores.




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